No photos, just chat

Well, I haven't gotten organized enough to take photos of my projects, so just picture them in your heads as I write about them...

I've added cute red-and-white ribbon to the navy blue (with white beads) MaryElla bracelet I made. That's going to be a gift for a friend in NYS. I decided against the black ribbon on my ecru (with burgandy beads) MaryElla as it made the whole thing too dark.

I've completed one sock, but am taknig a break before beginning Sock #2. Socks are difficult for me--I have to force myself to complete the second sock, no matter how easy/complicated/interesting/challenging/fast the pattern might be.

So, my little distraction is Calorimetry in a beautiful thick-and-thin yarn my friend, N, sent from New Zealand. I'm almost finished with that, and will have quite a bit of yarn left over, so my next quandary will be what to do with the rest of the yarn.

I do have non-knitting fun news: the Nerdy Couple is going to Florida this weekend! Yup, we're driving to the Nerdy-Mother-in-law's house on Friday morning, dropping the Beast with her and her husband (who is such a dog person that the Beast gets more attention/play/walks than when he's with us), then we're flying to Florida for the long weekend. I can't wait--we're going to see Nerdy Brother-in-law and Nerdy Sister-in-law-in-law (who is also one of my best friends and my former roommate) who bought a house in the spring. We've never seen it, so this will be an exciting visit indeed. I have only been to Florida once in my life, and that was when I was a nanny, and had the responsibility of taking a 7-year old girl to Disney while her parents were at medical conferences. Not the same type of trip as this one...just slightly different.

I'm already wondering what knitting I should bring. My sister-in-law-in-law is a new knitter who is already working away at a few projects, so I know knitting will factor into our time down there. I don't want to check any luggage, so I want to bring something relatively small...maybe the second sock will have to fit the bill.

Or maybe I'll just make a scarf out of my leftover thick-and-thin yarn, and that will be my take-along project. We'll see. I promise photos after this weekend--there will be plenty, I'm sure!


At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Judy
That's a cool thing to make with the yarn - am I right in thinking it's the green/orange one? That brings back memories, I got in so many tangles winding that from the skein into a ball. It took an entire evening. The whole knitting project is probably quicker! Looking forward to seeing it.
Cheers, Nic


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