Things I've learned

For your own education, here are a few "public service announcements" from the Nerdy Household:

1. Habenero=pits of Hell hot!
2. Don't attempt to hold a conversation while also trying desperately to claw your way out of the pits of Hell (see #1).
3. One good ride in the car does not mean freedom from beastly car behavior.
4. Bringing the Beast to play with another doggy friend sounds good, but actually doing it might be something you'll live to regret (see #3).
5. One good, tiring doggy play date does not mean a carefree trip home in the car.
6. While it sounds nice and relaxing, hand-sewing ribbon to belt webbing takes too long to be fun, relaxing, or anything that might be interpreted as a positive feeling.
7. Cute, striped ribbon sewn onto belt webbing makes for an incredibly adorable bag handle.
8. The sewing machine is our friend (see #6).
9. There is no such thing as a casual change to policy in a bureaucracy.
10. Keeping my mouth shut when I have a "great" idea is a good idea on its own (see #9).
11. The anticipation of teaching a brand-new class is worse than the actual event.
12. Knitters are nice (see #11).
13. Teaching knitting is fun, even when one of your "novices" has already taken a class & knows how to knit (see #12).

So there you have it folks--words to live by. No charge for the advice, but I will expect acknowledgement when you learn on your very own how true it is (kind of like when you learn your mother really does know everything).

Knitting? Oh, yes, I've been knitting. No photos, though. Nerdy Hubby had the camera and he was gone for days and days and days (he's back now). I'll try to get the photos up this week.

Meanwhile, in my bachelorette time, I made a newsboy cap (haven't inserted the stiffening for the brim yet), and most of an Everlasting Bagstopper bag (hence the comments about bag handles and hand sewing). I'm quite proud of myself--I almost (I was "this close") bought new yarn for these projects, but first went to my stash, where I was able to find very nice yarns for both projects. In fact, I have enough other yarns to make another cap (which is good because they're intended for 2 sisters, so similar might be good), and another bag (which is also good because I want these to be my "go-to" Christmas presents). Hooray for shopping in my stash!

My very first knitting class was Saturday, and I'd say it was a success. I had 5 people even though I was supposed to have 7, but it was a nice group with similar levels of experience, I'd say, except for the one absolute beginner who'd never held needles. 4 of them have basic experience, but no purling, so starting next week, they'll all be learning something new. I'm following a suggested course outline from last year's Stitches East workshop. I think everyone will be okay moving on to learning purling so quickly--the newbie might need some help with the knit stitch, but that's okay--the more experienced students can practice purling while I work with the "young one."

Hooray for Knitting for Novices!

And now it's on to working on my Secret of the Stole clue. The clue (#2) came out on Friday, but I've been busy on other little things. I wasn't in the mood for fiddling with charts & all. Now I am--bring it on!

Happy back-to-work day.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger CraftyGryphon said...

I haven't even downloaded SotS clue #3, and it's now almost time for #4 (that has something to do with having messed up royally around row 82 in clue #1, and not wanting to have to go fix things).

#11. So true. (Assuming I've remembered the list properly, and this is the one about knitters being nice...)


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