So much to say--so little time

Hi everyone--boy, have I been a busy little nerd!

More than a week ago, we spent a lovely evening with our friends, J & K. We opted to leave the Beast home, which was great for us--oh, the freedom of being dog-free for just a few hours. We ate yummy food, had nice conversation (not all about knitting, even--who knew we could do that?), and watched the hosts' beasts play and pounce and purr and growl (dogs & cats).

Then, after a week of work, we left for our big trip Up North. Yup, 10 hours in the car--WITH the beast--to get to my friend, Darci's house. Darci just bought her very first house, and we were lucky enough to be her very first house guests. It was great--the house is adorable and perfect for Darci--and the yard was suburban heaven, just the right size for a beast we know to play and play and play.

Darci was a gracious hostess, showing us a good time, but not holding it against us that we were there to attend Nerdy Hubby's high school reunion (20 years!). The reunion was interesting, but not thrilling. We had a nice time, and I even recognized a few people (I graduated in 1988--my reunion won't be until next year), but there weren't any big surprises like we'd hoped.

We also went into Albany to see our friend, John, and to get the tour of his house-to-be. He bought an old brownstone, and is fixing it up. Wow, am I impressed with his vision! I don't think I could look at 3-unit rental building and see the potential for 2-floor living and a rental unit. There was talk of moving doorways, tearing down walls, and moving plumbing. Yikes! But John's doing it, and it looks great. So impressive!

Then we spent the next day with Nerdy parents and Nerdy In-Laws and Nerdy Brother's family and a Nerdy Friend (hi Trish!).

We managed a relaxing weekend, with visits to friends and family, and the reunion--all in 3 1/2 days.

What made it so relaxing was that the 10-hour drive TO the North Country was incredibly relaxed. The beast behaved beautifully in the car--for the first time ever!--which meant I, Nerdy Doggy Mommy, got to sit in the front seat with Nerdy Hubby, just like other normal human beings. Starting a long trip with dog stress is no fun; it was really fun having it go so smoothly. Our boy is growing up. Finally!

And on the knitting front--I finished the Neverending Baby Blanket 2 days ago; steam ironed it this morning. It's going to its new home tomorrow. Talk about close to the wire!

I'll post photos this week. Now I'm deep into my 1st hint for the Secret of the Stole knitalong. I'm using Zephyr in a beautiful blue (named Indigo) that's almost like dark, weathered denim. I love the color! It's a good thing, too, since I have a full cone of it, which is thousands and thousands of yards. That's more than enough for 2-3 stoles/shawls. But I love it, so that's kind of fun to contemplate.

That's about it, I guess. Travel, knitting, cars, friends & family. All good.

This weekend begins my very first knitting class (as the teacher); cross your fingers & toes that my students are the novices they're supposed to be (the class is listed as "Knitting for Novices"). I've got 7 of them signed up to come for 4 Saturdays. I can't wait!

We have room for 3 more, so if you're in the Charlottesville area, and you don't know how to knit, sign up. See you in the library.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Bess said...

Oh! Teaching! Oh! That's almost more fun for me than actually knitting. It is the librarian in you, I'm sure - that feels that Everybody Needs to know how to do this wonderful thing. I'm so glad you're teaching.

I wish I could have seen you this weekend at the FFF but hon, it was HOTHOTHOT - you were lucky to get to go north.

Hugs a million and thank you for adding 7 new knitters to the fold.


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